Visual Arts

What are the Visual Arts at Year 9?

Visual arts is a subject just like Maths; you need to learn abut and practice skills to achieve the results.  The Visual Arts Curriculum is designed for everyone to develop their visual awareness; skills that equip you for life.  For instance knowing about colour and how colours work together is a skill that affects the choices you make in clothes, or the paint colours for inside your house and many other decisions made in life.  This is not a course to train artists; however you might become an artist through learning the skills.  Year 9 Visual Arts equips you to continue into Year 10 Sculpure, Design, Photography, Printmaking and Painting and then on into senior Visual Arts Courses.


The Visual Arts:

1. Painting
2. Sculpture
3. Design
4. Printmaking
5. Photography
6. History of Art

Year 9
Year 10
Visual Arts
Option A: Sculpture/Design/Photography
Option B: Printmaking/Painting/Photography
Year 11
NCEA Level 1 Visual Arts
Year 12
NCEA Level 2
(History of Art)
Year 13
NCEA Level 3
(History of Art)

Some of the careers that Art leads to:
1.   Architect 2.  Graphic Design
3.  Interior Desing 4. Theatre Designer
5. Photographer
6. Illustrator
7. Animator
8. Filmmaker
9.  Industrial Designer 10.  Hairdresser
11. Beautician 12. Printmaker
13. Painter 14. Sculptor
15. Art Historian 16. Museum Curator
17. Exhibitions Manager 18. Fashion Designer
19. Screen Printer 20. Packaging Designer
21. Body Painter 22. Tattooist
23. Computer Games Designer

Students learning within the diversity of the Visual Arts make personal journeys of artistic endeavour through problem solving, enquiry, technical exploration and conceptual thinking. 


The Visual Arts Department is a sole charge department, established over a fifteen year period.  A full curriculum delivery is in place with resources built up over that period to support it.  There are iMacs linked to a Konica Minolta printer, a bank of DSLR cameras, a Conrad table top printing press, an extensive art library housed in the department, two teaching spaces and a darkroom.  Courses run from 9 to 13 covering the five practical areas.  There is a growing demand for Photography.  Senior students are encouraged to take Art History by correspondence or VC.  Students are very loyal to this department.  Students over a long time have regularly gained entry to tertiary visual arts courses and gained qualifications.  Currently there are students from this department, in tertiary institutes studying Architectural Design, Spatial Design, Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Media Studies.  

EOTC (field trips) are a vital part of our senior Visual Arts experience.  Events planned for 2014 are:

1. Top Art Manawatu, Level 3 Folios, Te Manawa in April.  (Year 12 and 13 Photography, Painting and Design Students)

2. STAR PhotoSchool in May.  This is a 2 day intensive photography workshop from 8:30am to 6:30pm both   days.  (Open to all senior Visual Arts students and those across the school with a genuine interest in   photography).

3. Wellington Art Galleries Field trip (Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt & City Gallery, Civic Square in June   (Year 11/12/13 Visual Arts students).  

4. NZ Top Art - Level 3 folios at Te Manawa in September (Year 12 & 13 Photography, Painting & Design   students).

5. Quay School of Art, Design and Fashion Design, UCOL, Whanganui in September.  (Senior Fabric &   Year 11, 12 and 13 Visual Arts Students.

6. The Art Show: Folios from the 2014 senior students in December

Another proposal in the pipeline is to run an Arts Festival in Term 3, a part of which would be a retrospective exhibition of a selection of Visual Arts folios from the past fifteen years.  Watch this space!!!!!