Sports Awards


R. J. MacDonald Interhouse Cup: Grant House

Murdoch Cup for Best House Captain of the Year 2016: Elizabeth Curtis

Williams and Kettle Trophy for Dannevirke High School Sportsperson of the Year 2016: Phoebe Nelson - Swimming

Dannevirke High School Trophy for Team of the Year 2016: Equestrian Team

Brayden Holdem:  T R Chadwick Cup for Junior Boys Athletics Champion

Jessica Husband and Stephanie Walker:  Fay Chadwick Cup for Junior Girls Athletics Champion

Jack McNicol:  T S Grant Memorial Cup for Intermediate Boys Athletics Champion

Seamus Molloy:  Roake Cup for Senior Boys Athletics Champion

Sarah Smith:  Fred Collett Memorial Cup for Intermediate Girls Athletics Champion

Stephanie Walker:  Ray Goggin Memorial Cup for Athletic Achievement

Lauren Dolan:  Old Pupils Association Challenge Cup for Senior Girls Athletics Champion

Seamus Molloy:  Thomas Raffaelli Memorial Cup for Best All Round Senior Basketball Player

Thomas Lilo:  Eriksen Family Trophy for Best All Round Junior Basketball Player

Marcus Ingram:   Mr & Mrs H Percy Cup for Junior Cricket

Campbell Ingram:   Mr & Mrs H.T. Pickard & L.F Allen Cup for Best All Round Cricketer

Brianna Ingram:  DHS Cup for Best All Round Girls 1st XI Cricket

Stephanie Walker: Dannevirke Harriers Club Cup for Junior Girls Cross Country Champion

Caioro Ranapia: J.H. Kitt Cup for Junior Boys Cross Country Champion

Sarah Smith: Ray Goggin Trophy for Intermediate Girls Cross Country Champion 

Jack McNicol: Gore Cup for Intermediate Boys Cross Country Champion
Nicole Montgomery: Clatworthy Family Cup for Senior Girls Cross Country Champion

Stephanie Walker: Dan Haddock Trophy for Best All Round Cross Country Performance

Daniel Barrow: KC Millar Cup for Senior Boys Cross Country Champion


Tayla Jones: Walker Family Trust Cup for Outstanding Contribution to Girls Football

Fergus Broad: Havill Cup for Most Outstanding Football Player

Nathan Harris: Thomas Raffaelli Memorial Cup for Outstanding Contribution to Football


Shayla Treleaven: Raina Timu Trophy for Contribution to Girls Hockey

Jeffery Gatchell: Mitchell Trophy for Contribution to Boys Hockey

Paris Deeley: Robertshawe Cup for Best All Round Girls Hockey Player

William Menzies: L.W. Bunny Cup for Best All Round Boys Hockey Player

Ngahere Kaka-Nicholson: Netball Advisory Board Cup for Year 9 Top Netball Player

Nicole Watts:  Miss Marjorie Johnson Cup for Top Player Junior Netball

Emily Kelly: Dannevirke Netball Advisory Board Cup for Best All Round Netball Player

Katelyn Herbert: Netball Advisory Board Leadership Award

Te-Ata Nikora-Veitch: Kate and Sandi Boyden Shield for Best Female Rugby Forward

:K.A. Halford Trophy for Best Forward in 1st XV Rugby

Jay-Dee Lilo-Broadbelt:  E.N. Halford Trophy for Best Back in 1st XV Rugby

:Rugby Advisory Board Leadership Prize

Sara Jones: Mrs Roy Miller Cup for Girls Under 14 Swimming Champion

Philip Bedingfield: Graeme Monteith Cup for Boys Under 14 Swimming Champion
Phoebe Nelson: Marie Trotter Cup for Junior Girls Swimming Champion

Jack McNicol: Mr & Mrs RCR Moore Cup for Junior Boys Swimming Champion

Robyn Poole: Sir Alfred Ransom Memorial Cup for Senior Girls Swimming Champion

Fergus Broad: V.F.B. Rogers Memorial Cup for Senior Boys Swimming Champion

(presented by the Petera Family)

DHS Equestrian Team