The student body and staff elect a Head Boy and Head Girl and Deputies each year.  Each year Prefects are appointed by the Principal.  The Prefects have many opportunities to display their leadership.

Head Boy and Head Girl  Deputy Head Girl
Jorgia Boblea and Josh Eggleton  Megan Crampton


Josh Eggleton – Head Boy

Coming to Dannevirke High School four years ago, I didn't know what I wanted to do and I used sports as a passage to meet new people and grow myself as a person.  Multiple times I was told I was a small fish in a big pond but throughout my time at Dannevirke High School I gained many opportunities through sporting and academics to better myself and become the person I am today and as 2019 rolls around it is now my turn to be the big fish.  Being named Head Boy for 2019 means there will be many challenges I am excited to take on with my best foot forward and continue the standard of great leaders our school has produced.  My fellow student leaders and I are all looking forward to our last year at Dannevirke High School so let's make our last one our best. 

Jorgia Boblea – Head Girl

In my last 4 years at Dannevirke High School I have been involved with many different sports teams and committees as possible.  Achieving personal sporting goals and making ideas within a committee become a reality wouldn't have been accomplished without the support from the staff and past student leaders.  I have always aspired to be one of the student leaders here at Dannevirke High School.  Heading into my last year I am grateful to have this opportunity of being Dannevirke High Schools Head Girl of 2019.  I will try to do my best, working alongside my fellow student leaders to ensure we can carry on the expectations that Dannevirke High School holds within the school and wider community.  I am very excited and cannot wait to see what 2019 holds for us all. 

Megan Crampton – Deputy Head Girl

In Year 9 I didn't believe I would be a role model in my last year at Dannevirke High School.  But over the last four years I've gained a lot more confidence in myself and now know who I am.  I am grateful for the position as Deputy Head Girl, and hope as a whole we will continue to improve the school just like the previous leaders have.  Dannevirke High School has helped me with not only my education but my personal life out of school.  This is because of the amazing staff body that are so caring and approachable and also the true friends I've made along the way that I know will support me and that I will give the same respect back.  I desire to be a prime role model I can be for our students and be someone to look up to for the future role models to come, in or out of school.