The student body and staff elect a Head Boy and Head Girl and Deputies each year.  Each year Prefects are appointed by the Principal.  The Prefects have many opportunities to display their leadership.

Head Boy and Head Girl  Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl
William Menzies and Lauren Carr  Daniel Benbow and Emily Lewis


Willilam Menzies – Head Boy

‘Time flies when you are having fun.  The past four years have flown past as I have progressed from a fresh faced Year 9 to taking on the honour of leading Dannevirke High School as Head Boy.  Dannevirke High School has provided a realm of challenges from our main objective of teaching and learning to sport, and widening my horizons with field trips and cultural activities.  Dannevirke High School has encouraged me to develop into a well-rounded and well-grounded individual with the necessary skill set to succeed, as most of our past students have done.  I am very much looking forward to my last year at school and I hope I am able to influence all the other students to achieve to their full potential, showing the high calibre of Dannevirke High School’.

Lauren Carr – Head Girl

‘I am so proud to be a student at Dannevirke High School and to be a part of all that is good about it. Having the privilege of wearing the uniform to the various events we are a part of - be it Performing Arts Festivals, public speaking competitions or sporting affairs - brings with it a feeling of pride like no other. This feeling stems from the sense of belonging I have felt right from Year Nine till the present.  A sense of belonging created through the support from our wonderful staff and other student leaders who served before me.  I am so excited to be able to be a leader in a school which has such an undeniably high calibre of excellence in everything we do.  I am so looking forward to having my best year yet and, hopefully, pushing all other students at Dannevirke High to have exactly the same’.

Emily Lewis – Deputy Head Girl

‘Being a student at Dannevirke High School since Year 9 has given me a vast number of opportunities.  Dannevirke High School welcomes every student with open arms into a positive Whānau environment where teaching and learning is of the highest importance.  The support between teachers and students ensures that each student is pushed to their full potential and has the encouragement and pride to do so.  I look forward to what 2017 brings and celebrating success at Dannevirke High School in the academic, sporting and cultural activities’.

Daniel Benbow – Deputy Head Boy

‘I have spent all my education life in Dannevirke educational institutes and when it came to my choice of secondary schooling I looked no further than Dannevirke High School.  Since my days of being a Year 9 student I have only seen our school build from strength to strength in academic, sporting and cultural areas, and now I am a part of making sure these strengths continue to build into the future.  This year I have the leadership role of Deputy Head Boy.  With support from staff and fellow students, I hope to highlight successes of Dannevirke High and make our school the automatic choice for families in the district.  The past four years here I have experienced a positive learning environment where our school core focus is excellent teaching and learning. Dannevirke High School has offered me the best opportunities possible for a school in a rural community and we have the results to prove that nothing will hold our school back.  I am enthusiastic to get 2017 underway and make my last year at Dannevirke High the best one yet’.

 2017 Prefects


Back Row
Left to Right
David Irwin, Josh Kendall-Goggin, Nathan Harris, Shane Boyce, William Menzies, Daniel Benbow, Fergus Broad, Alex Frith 
Fourth Row
Left to Right
Rachel Aitau-Whyte, Amanda Steele, Te-Ata Nikora-Veitch, Lauren Carr, Tiana Sandbrook, Emily Lewis