The student body and staff elect a Head Boy and Head Girl and Deputies each year.  Each year Prefects are appointed by the Principal.  The Prefects have many opportunities to display their leadership.

Head Boy and Head Girl  Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl
Sarah Smith and Aaron Herbert  Jordyn Lowe and Josh Prince


Aaron Herbert – Head Boy

‘For the past 4 years at Dannevirke High School I have always tried to be involved in as many sports activities and groups as possible.  From this I have learnt heaps, created memories, friends and grown into the person I am today.  Seeing our school build from strength to strength, it is going to be an honour being Head Boy at Dannevirke High School.  Danneviirke High school has provided an endless amount of opportunities and has enabled me to overcome challenges.  With the help of the awesome body of staff and the leaders before me I have always tackled these challenges head on and I can't wait to do the same this year with our new team of leaders.  I am excited and can not wait for 2018 to get underway and make my last year at Dannevirke High School the best.  Not only for me, but all the students at Dannevirke High School’.

Sarah Smith – Head Girl

My last 4 years at Dannevirke High School have been a journey I will forever be grateful for.   Success has driven me to achieve at my fullest potential. Being a part of the Dannevirke High School Whānau has allowed me to become the person I am today.  It has been a privilege to have been selected to play for the girls First 11 Football Team for the past 4 years watching fellow student’s skills and achievement grow around me.  I have found my place in both sporting and academic areas within the school.  As I take a big leap forward into the role of Head Girl I am excited for the new adventures 2018 will bring. My final year of High School will be over before I know it.  I aspire to be the best leader I can be, working alongside the students of Dannevirke High School, creating pathways for them to succeed.  It is an honour to have this opportunity and having the chance to work alongside my fellow student leaders. 

Jordyn Lowe – Deputy Head Girl

‘Ever since Year 9, I have always dreamed about becoming a school leader.  Now the time has flown by and I am honoured to be this years Deputy Head Girl of Dannevirke High School.  From school committees to CACTUS to a whole variety of field trips and cultural activities, Dannevirke High School has offered me many amazing experiences and memories to expand my horizons and made me who I am today.  With such an amazing school to support me and amazing people to care for me, I have achieved so much in the past four years.  Now it is my time to give back to everyone throughout my time at Dannevirke High School.  I have seen the people and the school environment blossom into something which makes me proud to be a Dannevirke High School student.  With support from staff and students, I wish to make our small community blossom even more to make it the top school for families to go to.  I am ecstatic to start doing my part for the school and look forward to the year ahead’.

Josh Prince – Deputy Head Boy

'What a ride it has been!  And what a ride I hope it continues to be.  Since joining Dannevirke High School as a Year 11 student, I have had the best time of my high school years.  I have achieved more than what I could have at my previous high school.  Since coming here I have learned to the best of my ability and made some great friends along the way.  I hope to bring everything I have to the table this year as Deputy Head Boy and make 2018 a memorable year.  I want to show the people of our community just how much of a great school we are and I will do my best to ensure this happens.  Have a good year everyone!,