All students have one Health lesson per timetable cycle. 

Topics Covered In Year 9|

Human Body
Attitudes and Values
Keeping ourselves safe
Human reproduction
Topics Covered In Year 10

Human Body
Decision making and problem solving
Keeping ourselves safe

All Health work encompasses the concept of "Hauora - Wellbeing'.  This means constant links are made to the following four dimensions of HauoraHealth_1

Taha Tinana  Physical well-being
Taha Hinengaro Mental and emotional well-being
Taha Whanau Social well-being
Taha Wairua Spiritual well-being

Activities include researching topics such as alcohol, depression, tobacco.  In class there is an emphasis on group work and discussions where students put forward their ideas and opinions.

Assessments cover a wide range of activities.  There will be brochures and pamphlets made, power points which are shown to other classes.  Displays are constantly made by the junior classes and these are placed around specific areas of the school.Health_2

Topics are constantly changed so as to be relevant to the students.  Juniors also have contact with the Senior Health students as they help to complete surveys and questionnaires.  


Health is offered to all senior Levels 1, 2 and 3.  All levels have internal and external Achievement Standards.  

'Hauora' - the major link from Junior Health is still incorporated in all assessment work.  

The major shift in Senior Health is the emphasis on the 'Underlying Concepts of Health'.

These are:Health_3
Attitudes and Values
Socio - ecological perspective
Health Promotion

At all levels the following topics are covered:
- Adolescent health issues
- How to cope and manage change in your life
- Ways to support ourselves within the school and community
- Inter personal skills
- Strategies for promoting positive sexuality

Assessment tasks involve researching specific topics.  Finding information that is relevant and then writing up formal reports.  Students produce booklets, perform and act out given situations and actively participate in class discussions. Health 4_1

Seniors use the Junior Heath classes for completing surveys and Level 2 Health work on a 'Health Expo' which they present to the Junior classes.  

Students are able to use their Health Research in Social Sciences and Home Economics.  Importantly they can focus on an area of Health they are interested in.