Design and Visual Communication

Design and Visual Communication takes students at Year 9 through to Year 13.

Through this programme students have the opportunity to learn Technical Drawing Skills, where there is a little work done on the drawing boards at Year 9 then they progress to learning Design Skills and Problem Solving skills which then leads to the use of computers.  At each Year Level the skills are expanded and new skills learnt to give the students a good all round grounding in Design and Visual Communication.

The DVC graphics suite has twenty four computers available for students to use and do their work on.  The software programmes that the students have access to for DVC are AutoCad, for line drawing work, SketchUp for 3D modelling and lately Inventor also for 3D modelling and showing movement.  From the problem solving and 3D modelling on the computers students can then 3D print out their solutions on the 3D printer.  The software is free to students and licenses are provided for students to be able to have this software downloaded on their own devices. Students are encouraged to bring their own devices so that they may work on their projects at any time.

This course leads to Apprenticeships in many trades such as Building, Electrical, Engineering and Plumbing trades to quote a few.  It will also get students prepared to go to Polytechnics and Universities which leads to courses such as Design, Architecture, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Process and Mechanisms, Product Design and Landscape Design.  These are some of the courses that Design and Visual Communication can help you with.