Rural Studies

RURAL STUDIES Year 9 and Year 10
At year 9, students complete a 10 week Rural Studies Module. Year 9 Rural Studies is an introduction to Agriculture and Horticulture.

At year 10, Rural Studies is an option.  Students can choose Rural Studies which goes for 2 terms. Year 10 Rural Studies goes into more detail of Agriculture and Horticulture and also looks at safety aspects when working in the Primary Industry. Year 10 Rural Studies also prepares students for Senior Agriculture and Horticulture.

Agriculture and Horticulture are available as NCEA subjects at Level One, Two and Three. Senior students complete a combination of Achievement Standards and Primary ITO Unit Standards. 

Students are encouraged to be involved in Agriculture and Horticulture outside the classroom.  We have 23 garden plots which junior students prepare and plant with vegetables and maintain throughout the year.

Students are encouraged to take school grown vegetables home. DHS has a TeenAg club which is a High School version of the Young Farmers. We have experienced great success over the last 4 years at East Coast North Island competitions. 

Students have also been involved in local planting projects involving the planting of Native trees and Harakeke along waterways.