Apr 13, 2018

With the winter sport season upon us it is timely to remember that Dannevirke High School is a signatory to the Fair Play Charter.

We at our school agreed that when playing sport we will:
- enjoy ourselves
- play within the rules
- respect the referees and umpires
- respect the opposition and their supporters
- be gracious winners and dignified losers
- play hard but play fair 

E whakapono ana matou o to matou kura kia whaia e matou nga mahi takaro I runga:
- I te ngakau harakoa
- I te whakaaro kia mau, kia u tonu ki nga tikanga me nga whakahau
-I te ngakau manaaki I ta nga kaiwawao I whatatau
-I te ngakau wehiwehi kit e hoa tauwhainga me tona tira tautoki
- I te ngakau papaku, whakaiti mea kit e toa; I te ngakau amaru ranei mea kit e hing

In most situations our players abide by it.  We also request that spectators respect the notion of Fair Play and appropriate behaviour for a school function.  Please note that smoking is forbidden by legislation on all school property at all times, as is the consumption of alcohol.  We ask spectators to respect this and to support us in keeping our sport an occasion worth attending.  
To view the ‘Student Participation in Sport and Membership of Dannevirke High School Sports Teams’ Policy No. 1/05 go to click on Sport and at the top of the page there is a link to click on.  

The Board of Trustees believes that sport is an important part of the lives of all young people.  However, it also believes that playing sport for Dannevirke High School is a privilege and with this are associated responsibilities.  However, it must be noted that playing sport is not a right and that other school obligations must be met in order to receive the privilege of playing sport.  These are outlined in the policy and will be adhered to.  

It is a requirement that students of Dannevirke High School play sport for the school first.  Dispensations will only be granted in special circumstances.  Sports clubs in the Dannevirke area are aware of this requirement and will be advised of any student who does receive a dispensation not to play sport for Dannevirke High School.  All parents/caregivers should be aware of this requirement before they allow their children to play sport for a non Dannevirke High School team.