Tēnā koutou katoa.  Senior exams have now finished.  Students will be in normal classes and times for the last week of Term 3.  Exam results will be handed back during this time.  Please ask your child how they got on, and what is it that they need, in order to gain higher marks in the external exams.  Over the school break, (note I did not say holiday), senior students need to be studying for these external exams.  This is an important time and should not be spent having a lovely time off.  Students can do this once their external exams are finished.  They have been given information on how to study, and how to make up a study timetable, that is both realistic and achievable. 

Please read the section on what is coming up for Term 4 as it is only a 9-week term and everything happens very quickly and in such a short time.  Write down the important dates so that you remember them.  You might want to do this for your child as well.  We would love to see you at these events.

Can I please remind everyone, that as of next term, all students should have their hair tied in if it is below collar length.  We will also be making all students stay on school grounds during lunch times as students are leaving the grounds without permission.  If you have a problem with this, please make an appointment to see me to discuss the issue. 

Ka kite anō

Di Carter