Junior Graduation Programme


The purpose of this programme is three fold:
  • To prepare the junior students for the rigours of NCEA
  • To reward students for hard work in the Junior School
  • To identify those students who might need support

Students will be tracked by making use of the three components that the programme consists of by allocating points and adding these up.  The number of points will determine whether the Graduation Certificate is awarded at ‘Excellence’, ‘Merit’ or ‘Achieved’ level. 

Students who fall short of the minimum requirements will be identified and parents/caregivers will be consulted on the next steps.  The points will be scrutinised by a committee and finalised before the allocation of the Graduation Certificates.  A half-year check will be done to determine students' progress towards achieving the Graduation Certificate. 

The three components that will contribute towards the Certificate are:
  • Academic progress
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour 

 Academic Progress  Attendance  Behaviour

 Points will be awarded for every assessment result:
Excellence = 4 points
Merit = 2 points
Achieved = 1 point

The Year 9 and 10 Reading Programme will also contribute points towards component.

90%+ = E
85%+ = M
80%+ = A

Under 80% attendance will not contribute towards this component. 

The following will contribute towards this component:
  • Logbook letters
  •  Pinkie letters
  • Whanau buy
Each letter posted home will earn points. 

Greenies will be contributing as well, but will carry a negative value.