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Mathematics is the “Language of the Universe” and is an important part of the curriculum at Dannevirke High School.

Mathematics is a compulsory subject for Year 9, 10 and 11 students. During these times we cover all the topics meeting the NZ curriculum Level 3 – 6 requirements.

We look at topics such as Number, Algebra, Graphing, Geometry, Measurement, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability, although not all topics are covered in every class every year.

At Year 12, Mathematics becomes voluntary but strongly recommended for our students.  Students wishing to enter the workforce, or go on to tertiary studies, usually need Mathematics at least to Level 2 in order to get into the courses they want or make themselves obvious choices for employment in a highly competitive market.  At this level we offer courses aimed at students who wish to carry on with mathematical studies at Year 13 and University, and courses aimed at students who have no intention of carrying on with Mathematics but wish to have NCEA Level 2 qualifications including Mathematics.

Year 13 Mathematics is highly specialised and requires good pass rates and Level 2.

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Why Study Mathematics and Statistics?
1. Mathematics is exciting
2. Mathematics earns you more money
3. Mathematics makes you desirable for employment
4. Mathematics is essential to study computing and many other things
5. Mathematics is beautiful
6. Mathematics is the language of the universe
8. Mathematics teaches you logical thought
9. Mathematics teaches you problem solving skillsMaths_photo_3_june_14