Record Numbers Away

It has been a tough couple of weeks with many students and staff having to cope with winter related ills.  We hope that everyone will benefit from the holiday break and return restored, refreshed and in good health. 

The demands of keeping home together and in the case of our students, continuing the work towards internal assessments, training for sports games, attending to after school jobs and homework puts a lot of stress onto people when they are unwell.  We would urge students to communicate if they are overwhelmed.  There are always people to help work through these feelings and give good practical support. 

Overall please assist those in your care to take adequate rest, eat and sleep well and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It is the best defence to help us cope with whatever life throws at us. 

All the best for a happy and safe holiday.  Let us hope the weather will be kind and lift our spirits as we work through the rest of the year.