A Personal Thank You

I would like to express my thanks to the Staff and Students who have been very understanding and supportive during our transition period before our new Principal commences her tenure. Everyone who has been through my office has come in with a polite and pleasant manner regardless of the reason for being there.  Each and every person has come in with a view to looking forward positively and when I have asked something of others I have never been refused.  It is no wonder that this school has a wonderful reputation and visitors often speak in terms of wanting to work in such an environment. 

One recent visitor took the time to let us know that he appreciated seeing grounds that are well cared for, so well done Alan, Trevor and others who contribute to this aspect of our school.

Certainly, from time to time, we have problems to deal with.  I firmly believe that the value of an institution is not in the number of problems it has to deal with but in how they handled.  The problems I refer to are not necessarily discipline problems.  Indeed, they often involve finding creative solutions for individual people.  It is always useful to have families involved where possible and I would encourage families and Whanau to communicate whenever they feel the need to. Every student needs to be supported by as many people who care about them as they can.  Please know your input into the school, especially regarding our students, is valued.

Diane Sandbrook
Acting Principal