General Information


Dannevirke High School operates on a six day timetable, with five periods per day.   Each Tuesday (except when notified) there is either a full school Assembly or Year Level assemblies, beginning at 10:00am.  

On a Wednesday, the morning Whanau Group is extended and finishes at 9:10am. 

The following is the school daily timetable:

 8:45am  -  9:00am  Morning Whanau Group
 9:00am  -  10:00am  Period 1
 10:00am  - 11.00am
 Period 2
 11:00am  -  11:30am  Interval
 11:30am  -  12:30pm  Period 3
 12:30pm  -  1:30pm  Period 4
 1:30pm  -  2:20pm  Lunch

 2:20pm  -  3:20pm  Period 5

Special Bell Signals - Continuous Ringing

Emergency Alarm - Students are to proceed to the assembly area on the top field across King Street and line up in their tutor groups.  


The School Office is open from 8:00am - 4:00pm daily.  Telephone (06) 374 8302, Fax (06) 374 6134, email


 School Fees
This fee provides funding to provide such items as sports gear, Library books, teaching aids, funds for beautification, etc.  All parents/caregivers make an annual contribution towards this fund.  These fees are collected early in the year.
 Subject Costs
Costs are charged for subjects where students take home products made with materials supplied wholly or in part by the school, or where the cost of expendable resources (such as paper for DTE) is higher or where outside venues are used (as in PED/SPS).  These costs are collected when the student starts the subject for the year.

During school time, students may not leave the grounds without signed permission from the Tutor or a Senior Teacher.  A leave pass will be issued to students who have medical or dental appointments if a note from home or an appointment card is produced.


In class students are expected to:

-  arrive equipped to learn
 -  treat themselves and everyone else with care and respect
 -  give everything their best effort
 -  work hard at school
 -  dress neatly
 -  succeed in their own ways

Dannevirke High School aims to be safe for learning, experimenting and rational risk taking; it is an environment where we celebrate achievement of staff and students.


Our support system at Dannevirke High School has been formulated by staff, students and members of the community.  It is based firmly on respect and is highlighted by our Whānau.  

Our values are based on the principles of Respect, Responsibility and Accountability.  

These expectations will be taught and consistently sought.

Of course, certain behaviours are inconsistent with our expectations and will always be viewed seriously e.g. 

 -  Use of foul language
 - Smoking or the carrying of cigarettes, tobacco, lighters etc
 -  Possession and/or use of alcohol, solvents or drugs
 -  Intimidation or bullying
 -  Racism in any form
 -  The carrying of weapons or any items that may be deemed a threat


A healthy and widespread House Competition exists between the four houses: Grant, MacDonald, Paulsen and Simmers.  All students are placed in one of these Houses. 

Parents/caregivers and friends of the school are always welcome at Dannevirke High School.  Your support of school field trips, sporting events and cultural performances is very much appreciated.   Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any concerns or questions.  Your child's Dean or the office staff will be able to help you find the person best suited to help you.  

An open invitation is extended to all parents/caregivers to get involved with our Parent-Teacher Association.