The student body and staff elect a Head Boy and Head Girl and Deputies each year. 

Each year Prefects are appointed by the Principal. 

The Prefects have many opportunities to display their leadership.

DHS Head Girl (Tessa Higginson) and Head Boy (Nicolas Nielsen)

Nicolas Nielsen – Head Boy

‘As I embark on my final year at Dannevirke High School I am proud and honoured to be chosen for the role of Head Boy for 2024.  From the moment I stepped into this role, I knew it was more than just a title; it was an opportunity to serve, inspire, and lead by example.  Being entrusted with the privilege to represent our school community is such an honour and I look forward to giving it my all advocating the D.H.S. Way.  Over the last four years at Dannevirke High School I have been highly involved in all aspects of school life from playing Rugby and Golf, to Interhouse activities, Construction Academy, being a part of the SADD Committee and the Student Council.  Dannevirke High School has been a place for growth and some of the highlights I have experienced here have been Year 13 Camp to Gisborne.  CHB Exchanges, Billy Brandon’s Year 10 English speech on fans and yarns with all the teachers.  Being involved in different areas at Dannevirke High School has also allowed me to meet and work with a range of people and I encourage everyone to do the same and take all opportunities given to them.  As my journey as Head Boy continues, I am excited to see what the future holds for our school community.  Together, we will continue to strive for excellence, inspire positive changes, and I hope to leave a lasting legacy that I can be proud of.’

Tessa Higginson – Head Girl

I am filled with a profound sense of honour and privilege to have been chosen as the Head Girl of Dannevirke High School for the year 2024.  In 2020 when I watched the Prefects say their speeches it was safe to say that I couldn’t image myself running for Head Girl.  Fast toward 4 years of watching other student leaders, my school life has been full of opportunities to grow myself as a person and leader and I knew that becoming Head Girls was an achievement I would be able to make.  Being a student at Dannevirke High School sparked a desire within me to become a leader, to be someone who can make a positive impact on our school community.  Being appointed as Head Girl is not just a title, it is a responsibility and a commitment to serving our school with dedication and integrity.  I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to give back to a school that has played such an important role in shaping me into the person I am today.  Dannevirke High School has not only provided me with academic knowledge but has also nurtured my character, values, and leadership skills.  I am excited and honoured to embark on this journey as Head Girl of Dannevirke High School.  I am prepared to make this year a memorable and impactful one, where we celebrate our achievements, overcome challenges, and continue to grow as individuals and as a school community.

DHS Deputy Head Girl (Meg Munro) and Deputy Head Boy (Taj Chapman-Peters)

Taj Chapman-Peters  – Deputy Head Boy

Throughout my years at Dannevirke High School I have dreamed of becoming a Prefect or Head Prefect of this school.  And now, in 2024 I have the honour and privilege of becoming the Deputy Head Boy.  I have always looked up to the Prefects and Head Prefects of this school as role models and I am thrilled to become one myself.  During the 4 years I have been at Dannevirke High School I am happy to say that I have participated in all house events, as well as been able to represent the 1st XI Cricket, Football and Hockey.  I believe that the school values, respect, responsibility and resilience are standards that should be upheld by everyone in school, but by the Head Prefects especially.  I am enormously proud to work alongside Meg Munro and in supporting the Head Prefects Nicolas Nielsen and Tessa Higginson until the end of the year.  I am very excited to face the challenges that lie ahead and cannot wait to see where this journey will take me.

​​​​​​​Meg Munro – Deputy Head Girl

Being elected as Simmers House Captain in 2023 provided a taster for the responsibilities of leadership in Yer 13.  The leadership skills I developed during that time has given me the confidence to pursue the position of Deputy Head Girl.  I am eager to face the challenges ahead and thoroughly look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and work alongside a committed team of Prefects.  As Deputy Head Girl, I see a chance not only to further develop myself confidence as a leader, but also to build relationships with both staff and students.  I look forward to the rest of 2024 as a member of the student leadership team.