Parent Portal

The Kamar Portal 

The Kamar web portal can help you stay in touch with how your young person is doing.

The portal can be accessed through any web browser such as Safari or Chrome, and will give you details of the following:

1:    Details:       Personal details such as address and phone numbers.

2:    Timetable: Daily timetable including period by period information on attendance.

3:    Attendance statistics for the year and the day-by-day attendance for the whole year.

4:    Results:    NCEA results and overview of credits (for seniors) or our benchmark testing results in all core subjects and                     modules (for juniors).

5:    Fees statement: Data can be viewed but payment is managed separately.

Parents, Caregivers, Whanau and students both have access through the same login username but have different passwords.

To access the portal, please go to the following link:

If you have not received your username and password (Parents, Caregivers, Whanau) or there is an issue please contact School's Main Office on (06) 374 8302.